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Shelley Shepard Gray, for inspiring the writing of this book. For believing in me.

Tina, for volunteering your time to the editing of this book.

Pastor Matt, for your sermon and help in biblical texts. For your love as my son.

My wife Michele, daughter Lindsay, and youngest son Mark: For being there for me when I needed you, and for your love.

Thanks can never say or mean enough for how y?all allowed God to move you in my life.


My brother Dom and his friend Harry, who inspired the telling of this story.

Sherry Gore for visiting us at Zerns farmer?s market in Gilbertsville and allowing us to collaborate and have a little fun with my ?family? visiting you and yours in Florida.

The Citadel, the Military College of South Carolina / Charleston, S.C.

Fort Bragg, North Carolina. For what the men of SOC and 1st SFG op det Delta do quietly on a daily basis for freedom.

To my Son Mark, 2nd lieutenant, U.S. Army and the many men and woman who have preceded him in what he will one day do. Fly UH 60 Blackhawk Medevac. And to those crews who risk all as I write.

To my Son Matt, (Pastor Matt), for your continued help in biblical texts, and your inspiration of my writing in faith.

To my Daughter Lindsay, my sun shine in life. For sharing and continuing to teach me about children.

To the quiet community of God?s traditional people of the New Testament, whom I love and respect, the Amish.

My wife Michele, this has brought me to many a place of shared tears and smiles with you. I shall never forget!

My new team, consisting of:

Michele R. Carpenter, Nurse Educator: Editorial

Eric Eidle, EIT, President and Editor, The Boyertown Company, Inc.

The Boyertown Bulletin:

Technical Support

Ovi Dogar, Absolute Covers:

Cover design.

We Should Take a Walk Someday

First and foremost, I would like to thank God and my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

My mother, my brother Matthew, and my sister Rebecca.

My Aunt Andy, Uncle Tino, Josh, Nick, and Ben

All those within the medical community who cared for me.

Ovi Dogar, Absolute Covers (Romania)?Cover Design. This is Ovi?s 4TH cover design for Carpenter.

Michele Carpenter, RN, MSN, Educator?Initial Editing.

Eric J. Eidle, EIT, President & Editor, The Boyertown Bulletin?Formatting & Final Editing.

Tears and Smiles

Bob Carpenter- Artist. My youngest brother for joining with me on this project back in the day, early 1980's. During the time when I was in nursing school.

Erin E. Shirey- Cover sketch artist. A definite talent unseen. I love the way she sketches, especially eyes.

Ovi Dogar, Absolute covers (Romania)- Cover design. This is Ovi's 4th cover design for me. I am a believer.

Eric Eidle, Editor, The Boyertown Bulletin- Final Editing.

Megan Carpenter, Writer, The Boyertown Bulletin- Personal Bio.

Taylor Mushinski- Photographer. Personal publicity photos.

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