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Samuel has a reflective moment.

With the sun beginning to set, the many Hersberger families went home early. The house is now quiet, except for the wind blowing outside, which could be heard through the not so well sealed windows. Looking out, Samuel could see the cold as it hung on the trees, spread across the fields in perfect whiteness. Gray hung in the air over Honeybrook. Broken cornstalks reminded Samuel of many a broken home he had witnessed with his time of being English.

It will snow tomorrow, end Tuesday. That's right Amanda said a nor' easter was on its way. I wonder how she is doing. Amanda Russo. How long does daed have? He is in very little pain now, but what of the end. Lord let him pass peacefully. I would not be able to see him suffer, I have seen so much suffering, not my father.

Samuel and Mary share a growing passion.

Mary continues her gaze. The wind picks up. The sky is cloudless. Roses, planted by Samuel for her in the spring, give off their intoxicating fragrances. They are a beautiful deep crimson red. They can be seen from the porch as they reach above the third step.

Off in the distance a siren can be heard. Lord, let whoever is at the receiving end of this emergency vehicle know your presence and peace. Mary Prays to herself. As the sound of the siren disappears, they look out at a balloon passing in the distance.

Two ranch hands can be seen moving horses out of a coral. Mary turns towards Samuel and with her left foot, steps between his, and into him. She reaches up with her right hand caressing his face now showing a growth of short dark sandy blond beard. She caresses back his hair with her other hand. Stretching up slightly, she presses her lips unto his. Samuel holds her face gently in his strong hands and returns her kiss fully. He moves his hands down her back and pulls her into him and the both can feel nothing between them but each other's warmth.

"Samuel," Mary calls quietly,"Samuel."

"Jah lieb." Samuel whispers back. Mary kisses him more. The passion grows.

"Samuel, I love you." As she tilts her head back and looks longingly into his eyes.

"I love you too Mary." Samuel now looking down at Mary, her kapp disheveled, wisps of her hair begin to blow in the wind. Samuel removes her kapp then begins to let down her hair, when she stops him.

"Not here," she whispers. They move to the inside of the house, Samuel following with his hand clutched tightly to hers.

Mr. Schrock teases his daughter Mary, on her first date.

"Dat! I'll be leaving shortly."

"Ok, be careful out there with the English, daughter."

"Dat, Samuel's Amish."

"Jah, half pound of feathers worth!"

"Dat!" He smiles at her while coming down the stairs. With headlights coming down the driveway, he says again.

"English, jah, eat gut."

"Dat!" He smiles again.

"Don't be troubled non about the kinner daughter, they'll be fine."

"Danki, dat!" Excitement now sounding in her voice. 

Samuel and Mary after not seeing each other in two weeks.

As Mary made her way down the new but very quiet ranch, she sees Samuel standing out at the end of the driveway along the corral's fence. Her heart begins to speed up. She loses her breath. She can no longer walk and begins to run. Not having seen each other in two weeks, Samuel matches her stride. There is a breeze blowing on this early non church Sunday morning. One can smell an undeniable freshness in the spring air. The longing is palpable between the two. Mary cries as she closes in on her love.

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