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Now available electronically and in paper back.

Prodigal, Secrets of The Son series

Amish romance author Willard Carpenter's novel 'Prodigal' now on sale at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Where does an 18-year-old Amish boy go when he ?jumps the fence? during his rumspringa? What does he become? Who is he when he returns?

Prodigal, is about a young Amish teenager who leaves the Amish community to pursue an education and finds himself, in a unique career, abhorrent to the Amish. His father dying, he returns home 25 years later.

Clues involving secrets to his past begin to emerge. Though Prodigal is about the mystery surrounding Samuel, it most importantly is about his wife, Mary, an Amish widow with two children. She is 16 years younger than Samuel, who is all but by name English.

Because of her husband?s past, she enjoys and is empowered with freedoms not afforded other Amish married woman. Though she adheres to the tenants of her faith, Mary is also strong, passionate and somewhat independent.

Unveiling, Secrets of The Son series

Unveiling, Secrets of The Son series

Amish romance author Willard Carpenter's novel 'Prodigal' now on sale at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Mary is within her first year of marriage to Samuel who had returned home to their Amish community of Honeybrook a year earlier carrying with him secrets of a life time amongst the English.

Pregnant and looking forward to the birth of their first child, she arrives home with her family on the last Sunday of January 2002, and collapses from a stroke.

Upon awakening that following Monday, she finds herself being attended to in a military hospital far and away from her quiet community.

Samuel by her side, Mary begins to find light in the darkness of her illness in the unveiling of Samuel's past, thus beginning her journey into the world of the English and Samuel's 25 years.

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