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A breakout in writing genre's

Kentucky Rain represents for the first time a break away from Amish Inspirational Romance. It is also the first time that I came away from being an Independent Author and signed my first traditional contract.

Kentucky Rain: Amazons number one "1" hottest new release

HURRAH! Vol 12 of Cry of Freedom KENTUCKY RAIN is Number 1 in Hot New Releases and Vol 11 SWEET CHILD OF MINE is Number 7. Something to celebrate!

Kentucky Rain Cover from Murray Pura's, Cry of Freedom

Kentucky Rain synopsis

Summer of 1863, his part in the war over, William continues to mend while reliving his horrors of the year before. He moves from the shadows of tall Beech trees into the brightness of the Indiana sun when he meets and falls in love with Lucinda Moore.

The Blue Journal cover from Murray Pura's, Let Freedom Ring

The Blue Journal synopsis

Who was William Bloushier alias John Anderson alias William Bloushier? Was his family southern sympathizers? Was William Bloushier forced to lie about his name and age to join the Union Army because he was too young? Did he take on the name John Anderson?

Or was he John Anderson who took on the name William Bloushier because he was trying to convince the family he was trying to marry into he was of German descent? Whoever he was, we know one thing, John Anderson left enough information in his records to lead us to The Blue Journal.

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