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The Men of Amish Fiction

Short Story, A Cloudy Day, Synopsis

It began on a warm Tennessee day when I was asked, “would you be interested”? Would I be “interested in being in an anthology of Amish male authors”? My interest peaked immediately as I found myself in a familiar world of “contrasts” and “contradictions”, mostly “contrasts”.

I looked up at the now clouding skies, my grandchildren about me in the blue of the swimming pool on Fort Campbell. The contrasts became clear as a Blackhawk passed above somewhere just below the gray which covered the light blue haze. Contrasts, horse and buggy and black hawks. Thinking about a peaceful people, Amish, on a post that is dedicated to the art and science of warfare. Children in straw hats and bonnets and swimming trunks.

The title looked down at me as I found myself in that special place that no one knows about but me and those that do the same thing as I do, write. I thought of those contrasts again. Jacob and Isaac came to mind as they meet in a partially plowed field. Caught up in the contrasts of the reality of the Ordnung and Old Order laws within the church, Jacob and Isaac have discovered Jesus Christ, grace and salvation.

The realization of salvation is forbidden within the Ordnung because to assume something of God’s is considered proud and boastful. What has them in even greater trouble is the apostolizing. Sharing the good news of Christ and the Englisch bible has got the Bishop upset with them.

With the threat of being shunned or thrown out of the church and community on the horizon they face denying Christ or a life alone without their church. Standing with the horse neighing in the background storm clouds pass over them. What shall happen?

Hannah, daughter of Jacob faces her own contrasts and contradictions. Nearing the end of her Rumshpringa or running around years Hannah is in love with an Englischer that her father, Jacob doesn’t know anything about. To complicate matters both her father and his friend Isaac expect that she will settle down with Isaac’s son Abram. They had been friends since child hood.

Amish woman has expectations once baptized. Become part of the community, marry obey her husband.

In a quiet wood walking, Hannah feels the warmth of Mark in her hand. Mark, who has her interests in mind. Mark, who cares about what she thinks and her dreams. The warm Pennsylvania day in the small town of Honey brook cools as a cloud darkens their sun. What is she to do?

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