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About Author Willard Carpenter

I first met Willard in his role as a business owner. Having begun publishing The Boyertown Bulletin with our April 2012 Edition, he placed his first ad with us in our May edition.

Working on subsequent editions of The Boyertown Bulletin, I quickly got to know Will, not just as the maker of Gilbertsville?s finest sandwiches & Owner of Johnny?s Hoagies, but as an Army medic & nurse, as well as a local Unit Commissioner for our local Boy Scouts of America troops.

Although our circles had not crossed until then, it was immediately evident to me that Willard is one of the few who dedicates himself to the service of others.

To know Will, one would probably not think of him as an author. He is a husband, a father, a Christian, veteran, a business owner, and a servant. He has led a life of bold & diverse experiences that immediately capture one?s attention.

Getting to know him more deeply, I?ve learned that Willard has an unexpected artistic & creative side?something that might be considered uncommon, given his life?s works.

Will's greatest inner strength is his expression and creativity. His life?s works give a credit to his writing that few other fiction authors possess. This generates a vivid degree of realism above & beyond other works of fiction.

Living in a Pennsylvania Deutsch (German) community in southeastern Pennsylvania, Will quickly developed an interest in the simpler culture. Learning more about its history, he quickly learned the ?old-fashioned? ways of other German protestant sects, particularly branching out to the plain people, Amish and Mennonites.

It is within the structure of these cultures that he ties together his interests, and constructs some of the most vivid works of Amish fiction.

Upon reading Will?s first book, Prodigal, which was first published at about the same time as the first edition of The Boyertown Bulletin, I was immediately struck by the quality of the story line, and immediately expressed my desire for him to join The Boyertown Bulletin's staff.

Since that time, he has been integral to our publication, frequently covering some of the most difficult topics in our modern society. Willard is not afraid to discuss some churches? departures from The Bible, nor is he afraid to cover the importance of fatherhood & family?all of which are topics that our society attacks every day.

It is on this note that I leave you to enjoy this compilation of Willard?s works, as they were printed in The Boyertown Bulletin, and encourage you to follow his example by going boldly down your own path, whatever that may be. Eric Eidle, President and Editor, The Boyertown Bulletin

Amish Romance 'Prodigal' back of book.

Will Carpenter is a faith filled family man, happily married for twenty eight years. He spent eleven years in the U.S. Army as medical specialist, army recruiter, army scout medic and clinical specialist.

He is also a retired nurse with twenty-nine years of experience in various settings to include areas of emergency medicine, pediatrics, geriatrics, and child and adolescent psychiatry.

A business owner he resides near Honey Brook, Pa, an Amish community. This has enabled him to thoroughly research their deep-rooted faith and culture.

Amish Romance 'Unveiling' back of book

Willard (Will, Sarge, Doc) Carpenter is a complex man of diverse interests. A soldier by nature he responds to people who chide him for using sir with them by saying, "You can take the sergeant out of the Army but not the Army out of the sergeant."

A born again Christian, he cautions 'folks' not to mistake his faith with weakness. He is not shy when it comes to going to war on principle, but shy's away from conflict.

Mr. Carpenter does not like sports but enjoys shooting and horseback riding. he collects art and wines and listens to slow romantic sound tracts while writing. He relaxes by reading usually at night before falling to sleep.

Having spent a lifetime caring for children whether as a nurse, foster parent or father of exchange students he enjoys passing out lollies to what he calls young uns at his hoagie restaurant.

A romantic, he loves movies and books that take him to 'that' place. He adores his wife who loves sharing those interests with him. With their children grown and out of the house they enjoy each other's friendship by traveling, watching reality TV and holding hands.

As they had done for the past 30 years they talk about everything. They love to talk. After his wife he loves his children more than his own life. He is not their friend but their father and that word to him is everything. 

Personal Memoirs with Journal space 'We Should take a walk someday' Back of book

     Author Miranda Ram Nolte

Miranda is a beautiful 12 (now 18) year old young lady who is a brown belt in Tae Kwon Do and a high academic achiever.

When Miranda was 12 years old she was experiencing a bit of an annoying pain in her knee during Tae Kwon Do. With a competition upcoming, her family wanted to be sure it was a not a torn meniscus. Dr. Serkes, her doctor ordered an x-ray for good measure.

A tumor was seen inside her upper left tibia. Ordering an MRI, he received those results and arranged an appointment at Dupont/Nemours Hospital in Delaware.

Miranda was diagnosed with an aggressive high grade osteosarcoma. Miranda remained cancer free after treatment for almost two years. She recurred with a nodule in her right lung in June of 2011. That July it was removed.

Miranda, who was fighting cancer for the fourth time has recently succumbed to her illness. She had written her memoirs in We Should Take A Walk Someday.

Poetry with sketches 'tears and smiles' back of book.

Willard Carpenter is a man of various interests and backgrounds. A former military man, Mr. Carpenter spent much of his working life as a nurse, caring for all those with whom he came in contact.

A romantic, he has been with his wife for over 30 years. Together, they enjoy talking and share mutual interests of traveling, watching reality television and holding hands.

Also close with his grown children, he is not their friend but their father and that word to him is everything.

A born again Christian, he cautions 'folks' not to mistake his faith with weakness. He is not shy when it comes to going to war on principle, but shy's away from conflict.

A collector of art and wines, he enjoys listening to slow romantic soundtracks while writing. He also takes pleasure in horseback riding and likes to read before bed to wind down.

Stoic in nature, Mr. Carpenter has been described by those who know him well as possessing a "quiet confidence."

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